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About MailOrderCorals

MailOrderCorals was started around 5 years ago, initially we sold coral frags cut from our reef display tank as corals grew and we needed to make room.

As we progressed we installed a couple of tanks solely for the purpose of keeping and propagating corals , we expanded our range and being mainly mail order we shipped frags all over the UK. We soon built up a good customer base and many customers would come back time and time again as we offered great products at a realistic price point.

Our new coral house is now open and with much more space our product range is expanding daily, the coral house also gives us the opportunity to have customers come and look at our range by appointment and all goods can be viewed and bought on site.

If you have any questions or would like to contact us:

Please call us on 01383 428590 during standard office hours or you can email us on sales@mailordercorals.com

We can also be reached via our facebook page: facebook.com/MailOrderCorals/

Be sure to have a look at the latest additions to our catalogue below.